LZ Single Girder Grab Crane

LZ Single Girder Grab Crane Introduction
LZ single girder crane is mainly comprised of box-shaped bridge, grab, trolley traveling mechanism, cab and electric control system and it relies on the grab to capture bulk materials.

The grab has switching mechanism and lifting mechanism. The grabs are separately hung over the switching mechanism and lifting mechanism by four steel wire ropes. When grabbing materials, the switching mechanism drives the grab close to grabbed materials. After the grab is closed, the lifting mechanism shall be immediately started to hoist the four evenly loaded steel wire ropes; for uploading, start the switching mechanism and open the grab to discharge material.

LZ Single Girder Grab Crane Features

Overloading protection;
Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer;
Crane traveling and cross limit switch;
Voltage lower protection function, reduce energy consumption;
Main lifting motor with thermal protection;
Hooks with latch;
Rubber buffers;
Protective earthing;
Sub-assembly characteristic are tested before assembly;
Emergency stop system, current over-load protection system, Excellent exchange ability for parts and components

LZ Single Girder Grab Crane

LZ Single Girder Grab Crane Application

This crane is widely used in metallurgy, mining, steel, construction, coal, rails, power plant, oil, ports, wood, paper making, brewing, garbage power generation, garbage transit and other industries.
Control methods: Remote control, ground control or cab control.
Working temperature: -25-40℃
Power source: 380V 50HZ or customized based on 3 phase power
Lifting weight: 3-5t
Working class: A3
Span: 7.5-22.5m
Lifting height:: 18m
Lifting Speed: 16m/min

LZ Single Girder Grab Crane Technical Parameter

LZ Single Girder Grabbing Overhead Crane 3-5T


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