1.0 Mini Crawler Crane

Introduction of 1.0 Mini Crawler Crane
1.0 mini crawler crane has a large lifting range and capacity even if it’s the smallest of the mini crane range. With compact body of only 600mm, it can fit through to areas where previously inaccessible to standard cranes. Adopted fully automatic telescopic hoist boom, it can finish various kinds of lifting work. Many new and exciting uses are being found according to its physical characteristics.
Application of 1.0 Mini Crawler Crane
1.0 Mini Crawler Crane can be widely used in areas with small spaces such as glass curtain walls, transformer substations and mechanical chemical workshops to maintain or install equipment.


Features of 1.0 Mini Crawler Crane
1.Compact structure with hydraulic driving system, stepless speed change,stable performance.
2.Safety design can prevent faulty operation.
3.Suitable for rugged outdoor venues.
4.Equipped with pentagon type telescopic hoist boom.
5.Remote control system enables energy saving and long service time.
6.Equipped with moment limiter to prevent overload working.
7.Labor saving. It can finish jobs that were previously carried out by human beings.
Routine Maintenance Tips for 1.0 Mini Crawler Crane
1.Clean up dust and oil contamination in driver’s cab and machine body.
2.Check to make sure brake clearance is appropriate.
3.Examine to see whether connecting bolts in transmission parts are firmly fastened or not.
4.Inspect wear patterns on brake band and steel wire rope.
5.Examine contact terminal situation on electrical components.
6.Check electric slider contact situation on slide wires.
7.Inspect sensitivity and reliability of safety devices, such as electric bell, limit switch, clip-rail device, etc.

Technological Parameter of 1.0 Mini Crawler Crane

1.0 mini crawler crane


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