5.0 Mini Crawler Crane

Introduction of 5.0 Mini Crawler Crane
5.0 mini crawler crane is also referred to as mini crane or spider crane. It is the most powerful of mini crane range with an outstanding lifting capacity of 5 tons. It is equipped with longer boom, so it can reach higher and lift heavier. 5.0 mini crawler crane can rotate at 360 degree, which makes it one of the most suitable crane to work in narrow spaces. It has good reputation and has been adopted by many factories.


Application of 5.0 Mini Crawler Crane
5.0 mini crawler crane is commonly employed in electric power station and mechanical chemical workshop for the installing and maintenance of electric equipment, in the glass curtain wall for installing, etc. It has good quality and reputation and has been applied in Shanghai World Expo.


Features of 5.0 Mini Crawler Crane
1.Maximum level folding crane products, lifting capacity is 5 tons.
2.Equipped with outrigger safety protection function.
3.Possess large working radius, which is 16m*0.21t.
4.Widely application to meet customer requirements.
5.Mini-sized, flexible design and easy to operate.
6.Compact structure with hydraulic motor driven system.
7.Adopted safety protection design to avoid error operation.
8.Furnished with safety devices, such as air level, moment limiter(height limiter), alarm device, and emergency stop button.
9.Small size makes it suitable to work in narrow spaces.
Technical Parameter of 5.0 Mini Crawler Crane

mini crawler crane 5.0 Technical Data of Crawler Crane 5.0

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