3.0 Mini Crawler Crane

Introduction of 3.0 Mini Crawler Crane(Hydraulic Crawler Crane)
Being one of the most popular models of mini crane, 3.0 mini crawler crane has been updated to the fourth generation. Compared with former generation, it is more faster and easier to operate. When stowed, 3.0 mini crawler crane is only 800mm wide. Its slim body makes fitting through most doorways possible, thus it can access to areas previously inaccessible to standard cranes.


Safety devices include air level, moment limiter (height limiter), alarm device, and emergency stop button.
Optional devices contain single hanging basket, single hook or double hook.
Slew angle of 3.0 mini crawler crane is 360°.
Application of 3.0 Mini Crawler Crane
3.0 mini crawler crane is mainly used in narrow spaces, such as transformer substation, mechanical chemical workshop, glass curtain wall, etc.


Features of 3.0 Mini Crawler Crane
1.Able to use for many varied applications.
2.Safety devices is perfect and can prevent error operating.
3.Main parts are imported and specially designed.
4.More beautiful appearance and more stable function.
5.Easy to operate, simple to maintain.
6.Crane is sturdy and durable, it can finish working easily even in harsh environments.
7.Able to work for long time and labor saving.
8.Installed with moment limiter to avoid overload operation.
9.Maximum working radius is 8.3m.
10.Maximum lifting height is 9.2m. 

Crawler crane 3.0 dimensions

Technical Parameter of 3.0 Mini Crawler Crane

Mini Crawler Crane 3.0  

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