Telescopic Boom Lift

Our telescopic boom lift have platform heights ranging from 16m to 46m. The series of telescopic boom lifts are compact and maneuverable, which save time, increase working efficiency, and work more accuracy when positioning the platform.


The superb maneuverability makes the telescopic boom lift suitable for a wide range of application, such as ship industry, steel structure, construction engineering, urban utilities, gardening, airport, harbor or anywhere that space is narrow and restricted both indoors and outdoors.



Key Features:

  1. Simple control system
  2. Fault code diagnosis
  3. Easy to repair on site
  4. Drive motion alarm
  5. Flashing amber light
  6. operator manual
  7. Imported accessories
  8. 360° continuous turntable rotation
  9. Impressive height and outreach performance


Technological Parameters of Telescopic Boom Lift

Parameters of telescopic boom lift

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