Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts have two optional power types: diesel scissor lift and motor driven scissor lift. Scissor lift can travel at fast or low speed under diverse operational conditions. There is only need one operator to handle the machine. The compact and foldable structure of the lift make it possible to work in a narrow space.


The scissor lift employs accumulator as its power source, which is suitable for working in indoors like workshop, warehouse, restaurant, shopping mall with low noise and no emission. Additionally, The slide-out deck extension and fold-down guardrails are much more flexible for users.


Key features:

1.4 wheel drives
2.Optional power type
3.Slide-out deck extension
4.Driveable at full height
5.Power lines to platform
6.Fold-down guardrails
7.Drive motion alarm & lower warning alarm



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