Articulated Boom Lift

The series of articulated boom lift are multi-stage foldable design which provide excellent stability and off-road performance to meet the needs of different customers. They are able to stride some barriers and work at several points without moving around all the time. It can reach the point hard to access by traditional machine.


The articulated boom lift is widely used for shipbuilding, repairing, construction engineering, electric power, communications, gardening, advertising, venues and stadiums, airport and various large factories and mines. The series of the articulated boom lift characterizes in its wide range of operation and large load capacity as well as its strong power.


1.Wide operation range
2.Large load capacity
3.Powerful driving force
4.Advanced technology
5.High reliability
6.Good safety
7.Easy maintenance


Technological Parameters of Articulated Boom Lift 

parameters of articulated boom lift

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